GCHR Vol. 17, No. 2 (Spring 2002)


Table of Contents
Vol. 17 Spring 2002 No.2
Articles: Page
“Foot ball IS Life”: The Battle For Football and Sanity at
the University of South Alabama Richmond F. Brown 6
The Other Battle of New Orleans: Andrew Jackson and the
Louisianans Tom Kanon
ean-Joseph Vaudech amp’s Portrait of Ant oine Jacques
de Marigny de Man deville : A Nineteenth-Century
Self-Portrait? William Keyse Rudolph 62
Book Reviews:
Vemel Bagneris and Leo Touchet . Rejoice When You Die: The
New Orleans Jazz Funerals Ellen M. Litwicki 12
Carl A. Brasseaux. France ‘s Forgotten Legion, Service Records
of French Military and Administrative Personnel Stationed in
the Mississippi Valley and Gulf Coast Region, 1699 -1769
Robert J. Smith 74
AI Burt. The Tropic of Cracker Jame s M. Denham
R. Col burn and Lance deHaven -Smith , eds. Government
in the Sunshine State: Florida Since Statehood
Irvin D. S. Winsboro 79
Craig E. Collen. T ransfonning Ne w Orleans and Its Environs:
Centurie s
of Change James B. McSwain 81
M. E. M. Davi s. Under the Man-Fig Roger Stanl ey
James M. Denham and Canter Brown Jr., eds. Cracker Times
and Pioneer Lives: The Florida Reminiscences
of George
Gill ett Ke
en and Sarah Pam ela Williams
Gordon Patterson 87

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