GCHR Vol. 4, No. 2 (Spring 1989)


Vol. 4 Table of Contents No.2
Civil War and Reconstruction on the Gulf Coast
Military Life and Developments: Page
Fort Pickens and the Secession Crisis:
1861 Edwin c. Bearss 6
Life on the Front as Reflected in Soldiers’ Letters Dean DeBolt 26
Incidents on the Blockade of Mobile FrankL. Owsley, Jr. 38
Commentary William N. Still. Jr. 49
Inside the
Pensacola’s Civil War Art:
Benjamin LaBree and Thomas Nast Jack D . L Holmes 50
Slavery and Class Tensions in Confederate Georgia Clarence L Mohr 58
New Orleans and Confederate Lousiana ‘s
Monetary Policy: The Confederate Microcosm
Families and Other Participants :
The Diary of Ann Quigley
The Moreno Family of Pensacola
and the Civil War
Dear Aunt
Lydia: A Family’s View of the
Aorida Gulf Coast During the Civil War
R ec:onstruction:
Trials of a
Gustavus Horton, Military Mayor
Mobile During Reconstruction
The American Missionary Association
and Blacks on the Gulf Coast During
Wartime Unionists, Unreconstructed
Rebels and Andrew Johnson’s Amnesty
Program in the Reconstruction Debacle
of Jackson County, Aorida
James F. Morgan 73
Charles R . Wilson 85
Russell E. Belous 89
William S . Coker 100
James H. O’Donnell Ill 126
Joe Gray Taylor 133
Harriet E. Amos 134
Joe E. Richardson 152
Jerrell H. Shofner 162
William C. Harris 172