GCHR Vol. 15, No. 2 (Spring 2000)


Table of Contents
Vol. 15 Spring 2000 No.2
A~cl~: Pqe
Leaden Logs and Broken Ships: Pensacola’s First T’unber
1695-1712 James William Hunter D 6
The Founding
of the Industrial Development Board of the: City of
Mobile:: The Port City’s Reluctant Use of Subsidies Bill Patterson 21
Another Provincetown? Alabama’s Gulf Coast Art Colonies at Bayou
La Batre and Coden Lynn Williams 42
Book Reviews:
Russell K. Brown. To the Manner Bom: T~ Life of General William 59
H .
T. Walker Eric Tscheschlok
W. Fitzhugh Brundage,
ed. Under Sentence of Death: Lynching in the 61
South Irvin D. Solomon
Ann Carrigan. T~ Saffron Scourge: A History of Yellow Fever in 63
Louisiana, 1796-1905 Ted Owenby
Donald E. Collins. W~n the Church Bell Rang Racist: The Methodist 65
Church and the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama .
Sarah Hart Brown
Frank de Caro, ed. Louisana Sojourns: Travelers’ Tales and Literary 67
Journeys Sharon L. Gravett
Ann Brewster Doby, ed. Uncommonplace: An Anthology of 69
Contemporary Louisiana Poets Jeff Mann
Patricia GalJoway, ed. Hernando de Soto Expedition History, 71
Historiography, and “Discovery” in the Sout~asl James E. Lake
Edward J. Hagerty . Collis’ Zouaves: The 1 14A Pennsylvania Volunteers 73
in 1~ Civil War John R. Reese
Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes, Jr. The Pride of the Confederate Artillery: 73
The Washington Artillery in t~ Army of Tennessee John R. Reese
Fred F. Kniffen, Hiram F. Gregory, and George A. Stokes . The 76
Historic 1ndian Tribes of Louisiana, from I 542 to the Present
Claud io Saunt