GCHR Vol. 16, No. 2 (Spring 2001)


Table of Contents
Vol. 16
Spring 2001
Ida Darden and the Southern Conservative
George N. Green
Book Reviews:
Rolena Adorno and Patrick Charles Pautz. Alvar Nunez Cabeza
de Vaca: His Account, His Life and the Expedition of Panftlo
Narvaez Jeanne L. Gillespie 34
James R. Bennett. Tannehill and the Growth of the Alabama
Iron Industry, Including
the· Civil War in West Alabama
Martin T. Olliff 37
Brooks Blevins.
Cattle in the Cotton Fields : A History of Cattle
Raising in Alabama R. Douglas Hurt 39
Richard and Marina Campanella. New Orleans: Then and Now
William D. Reeves 4J
James C. Cobb. Redefining Southern Cultllre: Mind and Identity
in tl1e Modern Sollth Marius Carriere 43
John G. Crowley. Primitive Baptists of the Wiregrass Sollth:
1815 to the Present Jeff B. Pool 45
F. Edwards. Scarlett Doesn’t Live Here Anymore:
Sowhern Women in the Civil War Era Gael Graham
Dan R. Frost and Kou
K. Nelson. The LSU College of
Engineering, Vol. I. Origins and Establishment, 1860-1908
Werner Goldsmith
D avid Edwin
Harrell, Jr. The Churches of Christ in the
Twentieth Cemury: Homer Hailey’s Personal Journey of Faith
D. Newell Williams