GCHR Vol. 19, No. 1 (Fall 2003)


Table of Contents
Vol. 19 Fall 2003 No. I
Articles: Page
“The Tragedy of the White Moderate”: Father Albert
Foley and Martin Luther King, Birmingham,
1 963
Car ol Elli s 6
Reflection on Mobile’s Loyal ism in
the American
Revolution Robin
F. A. Fabel
A Referendum
on the River: The
Mississippi Jetties
Controversy Ari Kelman
See king a More Democratic Voice: New Approaches to
the History
of the Urban South at the Museum of
Mobile Clarence .L. Mohr 72
Investigating the Impact of Property Taxation on the
of Antebellum Homes in Natchez, Vicksbu rg,
and Mobile
Andrew D. Sharp and Greta J. Sharp
Book Reviews:
Rod Andrew Jr. Long Gray Lines, The Southern Military School
Tradition , 1839-1915 Chris Ferguson 95
Thomas R. R. Cobb. An Inquiry into the Law of Negro Slavery
in the United States of America. To Which is Prefixed an
Sketch of Slm •ery Dwayne Cox 97