GCHR Vol. 18, No. 1 (Fall 2002)


Table of Contents
Vol. 18 Fall 2002 No. 1
Articles: Page
Grand Duke Alexei and the Origins of Rex, I 872: Myth, Public
Memory , and the Distort ion
of History Lee A. Farrow 6
Emancipation and its Urban Consequences: Freedom Comes to
Mobile Michael W. Fitzgerald 3l
“Stand By Your Man”: Race, Alabama Women, and George
Wall ace in 1963 Jeff Frederick 4 7
The Relationship between Southern and National Baptists in
Mobile ,
1930-1960 Mark Robert Wilson 76
Book Reviews:
Warren M. Billi ngs and Mark F. Fernandez, eds. A Law Unto
Itself? Essays in the New Louisiana Legal History
Gregory Duhe I 0 I
John Buch anan. Jack son’s Way: And rew Jackson and the People
of the Western Waters Michael E. Long 103
Joe and Monica Cook. River Songs: A Journe y Do wn the
Chattah ooch ee and
Ap ala chicola Ri vers H arvey H . Jackson 10 5
Jack E. Davis. Race Against Time: Cultur e and Separation in
Natche z sinc e
1930 J. Michael Butler 107