GCHR Vol. 3 No. 1 (Fall 1987)


From Fort to Port, An Architectural History of Mobile,
/7JJ-1918 ;The High Victorian Period, 1880-1900
Elizabeth B. Gould 5
Urban Problems and Responses in British Pensacola Robert R. Rea 43
Incompetence, Disorganization, and Lack of
Detennination: The
Federal Assault on Port
Hudson, May 27, 1863 Lawrence L. Hewitt 63
How General Andrew Jackson Learned of the
British Plans Before the Battle of New Orleans William S. Coker 85
A Visit to Fort Morgan, Mobile’s Guardian on the Gulf
Joseph E. Brent 97
Letter to the Editor: The Elusive British-American
Trust Company
Book Reviews:
Jason Berry, Jonathan Foose, and Tad Jones,
Jerry R . Yares
Up From the Cradle of Jazz : New Orleans Music Since World
War /1 Joaquin M. Holloway, Jr. 105
John B. Boles and Evelyn Thomas Nolen (eds.),
Interpreting Southern History: Historiographical Essays in Honor
of Sanford W. Higginbotham Peyton McCrary 106
Virginia Vander Veer Hamilton ,
Lister Hill: Statesman/rom the South Samuel L Webb 108
Reginald Horsman, Josiah Noll of Mobile : Southerner. Physician,
and Racial Theorist Michael O’Brien 110
From the Archives:
Letters from England Jeremy Black 112