GCHR Vol. 15, No. 1 (Fall 1999)


Table of Contelllts
Vol. 15 Fall 1999 No. 1
Articles: Page
The Americanization of the Second Spanish Period West 6
Florida Interior Harry J. Wilson
The CaJcasieu River Lighthouse, 1876-1940 18
Kathie Bordelon
Class Conflict
in Black New Orleans : Or. Rivers Frederick, 36
Ernest Wright and the Insurance
Strike of 1940 Tom Ward
A City Too Respectable to Hate: Mobile During the
Era of 50
Desegregation, 1961 ~ 1965 N ahfiza Ahmed
Book Reviews:
Christina Vella.
Intimate Enemies: The Two Worlds of the 69
Baroness de Pontalha Emily Toth
Charles S. Aiken. The Cotton Plantation South since the Civil 71
War Michael E. Price
Margaret Anne Barnes .
The Tragedy and Triumph of Phenix 73
City, Alabama L. Edward Hicks
Jefferson Davis Bragg.
Louisiana in the Confederacy 15
William Garrett Piston
E. Buker . Swamp Sailor.r in the Second Seminole War 16
David Shirlaw
Kate Cumming .
Kate: The Journal l?{ a Confederate Nurst 78
Gregory J. W. Urwin
James H. Dorman, cd.
Creoles of Color of the Gulf South 80
Patricia Brady
Glenn T. Eskew.
But for Birmingham : Tire Low/ and National 82
Movements in the Civil Rights Struggle Joe Brayton Free