GCHR Vol. 5, No. 2 (Spring 1990)


Vol. 5 No.2 Table of Contents Spring 1990
Maritime History of the Gulf Coast
Keynote Address: Page
The Men and the Ships of the
British Attack on Fort Bowyer-February 1815 Sir Robert Ricketts 7
The Colonial Era:
to Fight a Pirate:
Provincials ,
Royalists, and the Defense of Minor
Ports During the Age of Buccaneers Amy T. BushneU 18
Suppressing the Anglo-American Trade
Mobile, 1733-1737 Michael J . Foret 36
Authenticating Pierre Viaud’s
Shipwreck and Adventures Robin F.A. Fabel 47
Lieutenant Hutchins to the Rescue!
The Wreck and Recovery of the Mercury, 1772 Robert R. Rea 56
The Nineteenth Century:
Laffite, the Baratarians,
the Historical Geography of Piracy
in the Gulf of Mexico Robert C. Vogel 63
The Negro Fort James W. Covington 78
Charles E. Hawkins ! Sailor of Three Republics James M. Denham 92
The Roots of a Maritime Fortune:
E.K. Collins and the New York-Gulf Coast
Trade ,
1821-1848 Edward W. Sloan 104
From Old to New South Trade
Mobile, 1850-1900 Harriet E. Amos 114
Pensacola, the Deep-Water Harbor of the Gulf:
Its Development, 1825-1930 George Pearce 128
The Twentieth Century:
Gulf Coast
Gold: The Natural Sponge Robert E. Snyder 141
Demagogue and Industrialist:
Andrew Jackson
Higgins and Higgins Industries John A. Heitmann 152
U-Boats in the Gulf : The Undersea War of 1942 AUen Cronenberg 163
Still They Sail:
Shipbuilding in Tampa During World War ll Lewis N. Wynne
Carolyn J. Barnes 179