GCHR Vol. 6, No. 1 (Fall 1990)


Table of Contents
Archaeology of Old Mobile,
The Cotton Economy of the
Apalachicola/ Chattahoochee River Valley
The Civil War on the Western Gulf :
The Diary ofThomas H. DuVal of Texas
Shoulder to Shoulder –
Mobile’s Shotgun Houses
Victor H. Schiro, Hurricane Betsy
wtd the “Forgiveness Bill”
Book Reviews:
W. Bergeron, Jr. , Guide to Louisiana
Confederate Military
Units; 1862-1865
Robert D. Bullard, ed., In Search
of the New South: The Black Urban
Experience in the 1970s and 1980s
Gilbert C. Din, The Canary Islanders
of Louisiana
Gregory A Waselkov 6
Lynn Willoughby 22
James Marten 38
John Sledge 56
Edward F. Haas 66
Teny L. Jones 92
James SoReUe 93
Lawrence N . Powell 95
Michael W . Fitzgerald, The Union League Movement
in the Deep
South: Politics and Agricultural
Change During Reconstruction
Carl H. Moneyhon 97
Wayne Flynt, Poor But Proud:
Alabama’s Poor Whites
Horton Foote, The Selected One-Act Plays
of Horton Foote, ed. Gerald C. Wood
Jimmie Lewis Franklin, Back to Birmingham :
Richard Arrington,
Jr. and His Times
Robert T. Hawkes 98
James Ward Lee 100
A1an S. Thompson 102