GCHR Vol. 7, No.1 (Fall 1991)


Table of Contents
Fall 1991 No.I
Articles : Page
Close Encounter With a Creature .. of the Finny Tribe”:
Louisiana’s Sea Monster Sighting of 1856 Carl A. Brasseaux
H. Dickson Hoese 6
No Compromise: The End of Presidential
Reconstruction in Mobile, AJabama,
The Canal Era in West Aori da: 1821-1845
Edward Bloch’s Memoirs: The Early Years
Ma’s Place : Mary Ann Patout and the Modernization
Joseph E. Brent
Joe Knetsch
Samuel Eichold
of Enterprise Plantation, 1883-1907 Michael G. Wade 66
Review Essay :
To Antique and New Lands: Travels
‘Without’ as Journeys Within James B. McSwain
[A review essay of Frederic Trautman, ed. and trans ., Travels on
the Lower Mississippi 1879-1880: A Memoir
of Ernst von Hesse­
Wartegg;VincentKohlerand David R. Ward,eds ., Harlan Hubbard
Journals 1929-/944;
Harlan Hubbard, Shantyboat: A River Way
of Life; Harlan Hubbard, Shantyboat on the Bayous; Wendell
Berry, Harlan Hubbard : life and Work.]
Book Reviews:
Debbie Aeming Caffery, Carry Me Home:
Louisiana Sugar Country Photographs Frank de Caro 93
J. L. Chestnutt and Julia Cass, Black in Selma :
The Uncommon Life of J. L Chestnutt Karen K . MiUer 94
Alan Govenar, The Early Years
of Rhythm & Blues: Focus on Houston David Evans %
James J. Horgan, Pione er College:
The Centennial History of Saint Leo College,
Saint Leo Abbey,
and Holy Name Priory Joseph W. Newman 98