GCHR Vol. 4, No. 1 (Fall 1988)


Table of Contents
Vol. 4 No.1
Anglo Merchants and Capital Migration in
Spanish Colonial New Orlea..'”lS, 1763-1803 li&ht T. Cummins 7
Natchez Under-the-Hill: Reform and
Retribution in Early Natchez Michael F. Beard 29
The Distinctive Character of a Bayou Community:
Continuity and Change in Bayou La Batre
from Prehistoric to Recent T1n1es Diane E. Silvia 49
In the Shadow of Scottsboro:
The 1937 Robert Hinds Case Walter T. Howard 65
The Mobile Brewery Kip Sharpe 83
The Seafood Industry Museum, Biloxi Michael Thomason 97
Book Reviews:
Elliot Ashkenazi, The Business of Jews
in Louisiana,
1840-1875 Joy Jackson 100
James Saxon Childers, A Novel About a
White Man
and a Black Man Jean P. Mciver 102
Robin F. A. Fabel, The Economy of British
West Florida, 1763-1873
Amy Turner Bushnell 104
Elizabeth Barrett Gould, From Fort to Port,
An Architectural History of
Mobile, Alabama , 1711-1918 Robert 0. MeUown 105
Regina Moreno Kirchoff Mandrell. Our Family:
and Fancies, The Moreno and
Related Families Glen R. Johnson 107
Grady McWhiney, Cracker Culture:
Celtic Ways in the
Old South Lewis N. Wynne 109
From the Archives:
The Aorida Historical Society Guy Procher Harrison 111