GCHR Vol. 3 No. 2 (Spring 1988)


Table of Contents
Articles: A Historical
Review of Three
Gulf Coast Creole Communities
B. Craighead , The New South,
and Cuba Libre
The Swiss and German Connection:
The First Migration to the Gulf Coast
Under French Colonial Rule
Acadian Village, Lafayette, Louisiana
A Description of
Santa Rosa Peninsula
in 1925
Book Reviews:
Carl A. Brasseaux, The Founding of New
Acadia: The Beginning
of Acadian Life in
D. C. LaFoy 6
Tennant S. McWilliams 20
EDen C. Merrill 42
Carl A. Brasseaux 62
Brian Rucker 67
Louisiana, 1765-/803 Gary B. Mills 82
Richard’ C. Cortner, A “Scottsboro”
Case in Mississippi: The Supreme Court
and Brown v. Mississippi Wythe Holt 84
Robin F. A. Fabel, Bombast and Broadsides:
The Lives
of George Johnstone David Sloan 85
John Alfred Heitmann , The Modernization of
the Louisiana Sugar Industry Robert H. McKenzie 87
Melton A. Mclaurin, Separate Pasts:
Up White in the
Segregated South
Wayne Grcenshaw 89
Bailey Thomson and Patricia L Meador,
Shreveport, A Photographic
Remembrance, /873-/949
Robert E. Snyder 90
From the Archives:
“A Statesman and a Spudster”: Senator
Allen J. Ellender of Louisiana Michael James Foret 92