GCHR Vol. 16, No. 1 (Fall 2000)


Table of Contents
Vol. 16 Fall 2000
His Majesty’s Papist Subjects: Roman Catholic
Political Rights in British West Florida
No. I
Eric Jarvis 6
Making Groceries : Public Markets and
Stores in Old New Orleans
Sally K. Reeves 20
Student Power, Black Power, Class Power: Race,
Class, and
Student Activism on Two Southern
Commuter Campuses
Jeffrey A. Turner
Book Reviews:
Sarah Hart Brown, Swnding Against Dragons:
Southern Lawyers in an Era of Fear
Steve Watkins 71
Mark Derr, Some Kind of Paradise: A Chronicle
of Mun and the Land in Florida
Jeff Frederick 101
David J. Eicher . Mystic Chords of Memory: Civil
War Battlefields and Historic Sites Recaptured
Michael S. Davis 73
Wayne Flynt, Alabama Baptists: Southern Baptists
in the Heart of Dixie
John G. Crowley 75
Timothy S. Huebner, The Southern Judicial Tradition:
Stute Judges and Sectional Distinctivene .u
Christopher Waldrep 77
Alexander P. Lamis. ed. , Southern Politics in the 1990s
Scott A. Merrimen 79