GCHR Vol. 21, No. 2 (Spring 2006)


Vol. 21
Table of Contents
Spring 2006 No. 2
The Convict -Lease System in Alabama,
1872 -1927
James S. Day 6
The Houston Catholic Worker: Casa Juan Diego ,
] 981 ·2 004
Carol Ellis 30
Casual Neglect: Louisiana Legisl ators and
Ant ebellum Public Education
Sarah E. Lipsco mb 64
The Great Supression : State Fire Policy in Florida,
1920 -1970
Dave Nelson 75
Book Reviews:
James Ag ee. Let Us Now Praise Famou s Men , A Death
in the Family, & Shorter Fiction
Seamus A. Thompson 95
James Agee. Film Writing & Selected Journalism . Agee oil
Film: Reviews and Comments, Uncollected Film Writing,
The Night of the Humer, Joumalism and Book Review s
Seamus A. Thompson 95
W illiam L. Andrews , ed . No rth Carolina Slave Narrativ es:
The Liv es of Moses Roper, Lunsford Lane, Moses Grandy,
& Thomas H. Jones John Ernest 98
Steve Estes. I Am a Man! Race, Manhood, and the Civil
Rights Movement
Gregory Mixon I 00

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