GCHR Vol. 13, No. 2 (Spring 1998)


Table of Contents
Vol. 13 Spring 1998 No.2
Artldes: Page
Men Go to War: The rust Alabama Volunteer Infantry al 6
Pensacola, 1861 Henry Walker
Question of Authority: Johnstone and Browne, 1766·1767 35
John H. Frederick
A Journey of Lost Souls: New Orleans to Natchez Slave Trade 49
of 1840 Richard McMillan
Updating tbe
North-South Contrast: Anglo-Saxon and Latin Louisiana in 60
Popular Culture Ttmothy F. Reilly
Book Reviews:
Liva Baker. The Second Battle of New Orleans: The Hundred Year 85
Struggle to Integrate the Schools Sam uel C. Hyde, Jr.
W. Bergeron, Jr. The CMI War Reminiscences of Major Silas T. 87
Grisamore, C.S.A Daniel E. Sutherland
D. Cockrell and Michael B. Ballard, eds. A Mississippi Rebel in 89
the Anny of Northern Virginia Robert A. Taylor
W. C. Corsan . Two Months in the Confederate States-An Englishman’s 92
Travels Through the South 01ester G. Hearn
Lewy Dorman. Party Politics in Alabama from 1850
through J 860 Henry Walker
Fran Drcssman . Gus Wortham : Portrait of a Leader 91
Lc:eAnn Bishop Lands
Robert G. Gardner. A Decade of Debate and Division : Georgia Baptists 100
and the FomuJtion of the Southern Baptist Convention
Keith Harper
Michael Gannon, cd. The New History of Florida 103
Jesse Earle Bowden
Hightower. Cathie Stanga, and Carol Cox, eds. Mississippi t06
Oburved Susan Sipple Elliott
Glen Jeansonne , cd. Huey at /00: Centennial Essays on Huey 108
P. Long Margaret C. Gonzalez