GCHR Vol. 6, No. 2 (Spring 1991)


Table of Contents
Spring 1991
The Tecumseh: Sunken Treasure
in Alabama Waters
The Battle of Mauvila, Causes and ConseqUCDCICS
The Navy as Entrepreoeur. Naval Radio
Stations on the Gulf Coast Befon: the
H. Joseph Curtis 6
Jay Hialinbotham 19
Vmcent Ponko 34
An Aesthete at Large: Oscar Wdde in Mobile WUiiam Wamn Rogers
Robert David Ward 49
Book Reviews:
Thomas Perkins Abernethy,
The Formative Period of Alabama, 1815-1828 Paul M. Pruitt, Jr. 64
Keith Carter, The Blue Man J. Jack Hurley 66
Don H. Doyle, New Men, New Cities,
New South: Atlanta, Nashville,
Mobile, 1860-1910 James M. llusscU 67
John Kent Folmar, From That Terrible Field:
Civil War
Letters of James M. Williams,
Alabama Infantry Volunteers Homer H. Blass 68
Walter J. FI”B$CI”, Charleston! Charleston! :
History of a Southern City Kathleen c. BerkeJcy 70
J. Jenkins and Richanl A Krause,
The Tombigbee Watershed in
Southeastern Prehistory David Dye 12
Michael L Kurtz and MOIPD D. Peoples,
Earl K. Long: The Saga of Uncle Earl and
Louisiana Politics Garry BoWard 14

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