Dr. Benjamin Hart Fishkin

Dr. Benjamin Hart Fishkin in his research has emphasized Nineteenth Century British Literature  through each phase of his education. Prior to earning his Doctorate from the University of  Alabama in May of 2009, he obtained a BA in English and Film from the University of Michigan,  Ann Arbor, and an MA from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, where he examined the interest of  Charles Dickens in the theatre and how the stage influenced his novel writing. He has published  The Undependable Bonds of Blood: The Unanticipated Problems of Parenthood in the Novels of  Henry James. He recently co-edited, with Adaku T. Ankumah, Bill F. Ndi and Festus Fru Ndeh,  Outward Evil Inward Battle: Human Memory in Literature. His recent research interest now  include amongst other things the problems of marriage and the American family, and the  relationship between the Blues and the single-parent home in the works of William Faulkner,  August Wilson, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Professor Fishkin joined Tuskegee University in the fall  of 2009. Before taking up this position at Tuskegee University, Professor Fishkin was a Junior  Fellow in The Blount Undergraduate Initiative at the University of Alabama. He has won several  distinguished awards, including the Buford Boone Memorial Fellowship, the Oregon  Shakespeare Festival Scholarship Award and the George Mills Harper Graduate Student Travel Award.