Tuskegee Executive Council

Tuskegee Executive Council, Tuskegee Institute (University), 1906. Photographer unknown. Photograph courtesy of Tuskegee University Archives, Photographs Collection.

Left to right, top row: Robert R. Taylor, R. M. Attwell, Julius Ramsey, Edgar J. Penney, Matthew T. Driver, Henry G. Maberry, George Washington Carver. Left to Right, bottom row: Jane E. Clark, Emmett J. Scott, Booker T. Washington, Warren Logan, John H. Washington.

  • Date Created: 1906
  • Date Digitized: 04/18/2021
  • Subject: Tuskegee; Booker T. Washington; George Washington Carver
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  • Source: black and white photograph
  • Publisher: Tuskegee University Archives
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