Guzman_Boy Scouts of America

Letter from Stanley A. Harris, National Director, Interracial Service, Boy Scouts of America to Jessie P. Guzman, March 26, 1946. Letter courtesy of Tuskegee University Archives, Jessie P. Guzman Collection.

Response to Jessie P. Guzman’s inquiry about the racial makeup and enrollment of the Boy Scouts of America organization and its troops.

  • Date Created: 03/26/1946
  • Date Digitized: 04/05/2021
  • Creator: Stanley A. Harris; Jessie Guzman
  • Contributor: Jessie Guzman
  • Subject: Boy Scouts of America; Jessie Guzman
  • Format: PDF
  • Source: Letter
  • Publisher: Tuskegee University Archives