The University Archives includes material documenting the history and growth of Tuskegee University. Books (including faculty publications), manuscripts, Tuskegee University periodicals and newspapers, ephemera, photographic images, disc and tape recordings, and other archival items are available for research under supervised conditions.

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Website Receives 850,000 Hits

We are pleased to note that our website has had over 850,000 hits in just seven years. Of those hits, forty-five percent are from abroad. Thank you for visiting our website. Check back periodically for updated materials.

New: Tuskegee University Catalogs/Bulletins from 1881-1915

Thanks to a generous donation from the National Park Service, Tuskegee Historic Site, we are pleased to note that we have digitized and made available our Catalogs/Bulletins from 1881-1915. Information in this wonderful resource includes student and faculty listings, course listings and historical information.

Gulf Coast Historical Review Full-Text Archives now available online

The Tuskegee University Archives are pleased to announce that the 20-year print run of the Gulf Coast Historical Review (1985-2006) is now available in full through the Tuskegee University Archives website. Individual issues are available for browsing and viewing online in PDF format; all issues are also indexed and available for full-text searches through the website search box.

To browse the collection, visit the Gulf Coast Historical Review collection. To search issues in the collection, use the search box at the top of each page; for example, you can browse the search results page for references to "Tuskegee.".

Booker T. Washington Collections

Why go to the Library of Congress to do research on Booker T. Washington? We have the complete set of the same microfilm that they have. We also have over 300 boxes of materials specific to his work, materials regarding the National Negro Business League and the National Negro Health Week. View the Guide to the Papers of Booker T. Washington (Tuskegee), the Papers of Booker T. Washington finding aid (Library of Congress), Booker T. Washington biographical sketch, and our digitized materials about Booker T. Washington.

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