News of the Tuskegee University Archives

The archives have hired Marvin Byrd as the new Digitial Humanities Project Manager effective June 1st, 2022.

As a part of the CLIR grant, a partnership between NAAMHC and five HBCUs, Tuskegee University Archives will be digitizing one hundred reel-to-reel tapes within a two-year period.

All yearbooks between the years 1914-2021 have been digitized and uploaded to our website for viewing.

The Journal of The Tuskegee University Women’s Club has been digitized and has been uploaded under the “Other Items” section of the website.

The Archives have digitized the Tuskegee Airmen Experience Book which consists of photographs and biographies of the Airmen dating back to 1944. This important document can be found under the Tuskegee Airmen portion of this website.

The G.L. Washington Book “History of Military and Civilian Pilot Training of Negroes at Tuskegee 1939-1945” has been digitized and had been uploaded to the website under the Tuskegee Airmen section.

All of the Monroe.N.Work Negro Yearbooks have been scanned and digitized for public viewing.