GCHR Vol. 1 No. 1 (Fall 1985)

Gulf Coast Historical Review, Vol. I, No. I (Fall 1985).



  • “Old Town, Young City: Early American Mobile,” Harriet E. Amos
  • “The Long Road to Louisiana: Acadian Exiles and the Britain Incident,” Carl A. Brasseaux
  • “Gainsville and its Advocate: A Year in the Life of a Mississippi Frontier Town,” Lawrence J. Nelson


  • “Beauvoir: Jefferson Davis’ Home and Biloxi’s Confederate Museum,” Michael Thomason
  • “Clio’s Notes”
  • “Essay Contest”
  • “When Downtowns Were the Thing: On the Streets of Gulf Coast Cities in the ‘Roaring Twenties,'” Michael Thomason

Book Reviews

  • Paul M. Gaston, Women of Fair Hope, reviewed by Howard W. Smith
  • Frank L. Owsley, Jr., Struggle for the Gulf Borderlands: The Creek War and the Battle of New Orleans 1812-1815, reviewed by John D. W. Guice
  • George F. Pearce, The U.S. Navy in Pensacola; From Sailing Ships to Naval Aviation, 1825-1930, reviewed by W. Robert Houston
  • C.C. Lockwood, The Gulf Coast: Where Land Meets Sea, reviewed by Michael Thomason
  • Martha H. Swain, Pat Harrison: The New Deal Years, reviewed by William S. Coker

From the Archives:

  • “Cookin’ with History . . . . An Old South Catsup Recipe,” George Daniels