GCHR Vol. 10, No. 1 (Fall 1994)


Table of Contents

Vol. 10 Fall 1994 No. I

The Gilded Age on the Gulf Coast

Keynote Address:

“What’s on the Black Worker’s Mind?” African-American Workers and the Union Tradition Eric Arnesen 5

Railroads, Tourists & Entrepreneurs: Florida and the Gilded Age:

Florida: Jewel of the Gilded Age Hampton Dunn 19
Florida’s Gilded Year, 1886 Gary R. Mormino 29
Pigs Will Wallow in the Streets: The Rise and Demise of Cedar Key as Florida’s Port City, 1890-1910 Lewis N. Wynne 45

Folkways & A Sense of Community: Three Examples:

Cups That Cheer: Folkways of Caffeinated Beverages in the Reconstruction South James R. Comer 61
Natural Disasters and Community Survival in Texas and Louisiana in the Gilded Age Irene Ledesma 73
Railroad Bill James Penick 85

The Timber Industry Along the Gulf Coast:

The Transformation of Work in the North Florida Timber Industry, 1890-1910 Jeffrey A. Drobney 93
The Gilded Pearl: From Settlers to Sawmill Hands John Hawkins Napier III 111
Simpson & Company: Victorian Sawmill of the Gulf Coastal Plain, 1865-1882 Nathan Woolsey 122

Mobile in the Gilded Age:

The Politics of Food: Mobile’s Public Markets in the Gilded Age George Ewert 141
Rudolph Benz: Mobile’s Gilded Age Architect John S. Sledge 151
Commercial Photography in the Gilded Age in Mobile Michael Thomason 163

Gulf Coast Ports & Pilots on the Lower Mississippi:

The Bar Pilots Story: Organization of the Associated Branch Pilots on the Lower Mississippi River Roman J. Heleniak & Charles A. Dranguet, Jr. 177
The Port of New Orleans in the Gilded Age 1880-1896 Joy J. Jackson 189
Galveston Texas: An Immigrant Port on the Gulf Coast Barbara J. Rozek 203