The Tuskegee Archives Processing Manual has been prepared as a guideline for processing our many important collections. The Tuskegee University Archives at Tuskegee University, Alabama, possesses a wealth of records and collections of enduring value. In order to preserve these records and collections and to provide the best access for researchers, consistency of the repository’s practices of arrangement, description, and cataloging is a necessity. By preserving and providing access to records of enduring value, the Tuskegee University Libraries, Archives and Legacy Museum furthers its mission to encourage the exploration of the core moral issues which underlie research and medical treatment of African Americans and other underserved people. The content, media type, and volume of archival materials possessed by the Archives vary, as will the appropriate level of description. In ideal circumstances, each collection would be described to the item level; realistically, however, each collection will be processed only to the level necessary to gain physical and intellectual control over the materials, and provide efficient access for researchers. This manual is intended as a guide to achieving the logical arrangement of archival materials, providing description of these materials in the form of finding-aids, and ensuring that all administrative and legal issues are addressed.

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